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Sidetracked: The Struggle for BC’s Fossils

Description: Trade paperback, 192 pages, b & w photographs throughout; 6" X 9"

ISBN: 978-0-9783195-5-7

Price: $21

What began as a hunting trip to British Columbia’s Northern Rockies in 2000 turns into one of the province’s most important fossil finds – the Monroe Dinosaur Trackway in Kakwa Provincial Park. In Sidetracked: The Struggle for BC’s Fossils, Vivien Lougheed tells the fascinating tale of the trackway’s discovery and, in the telling, weaves in stories of other major fossil finds in British Columbia and across North America, many of which demonstrate how egos, turf wars and a lack of resources diminish the science of paleontology.

While professional and amateur paleontologists, commercial fossil hunters, scientific societies, professors, museum curators and politicians spar in an ancient arena, erosion, theft and neglect threaten Earth’s fossil record and with it our ability to decipher the geological past. In Sidetracked Lougheed chronicles one man’s growing passion for paleontology and issues a plea for cooperation, not competition, in the pursuit of that arcane science.


Vivien has created a list of the many references and sources used in her research for Sidetracked: The Struggle for BC’s Fossils. If you're interested, download the document (PDF format, 45kb).

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