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Review of Sidetracked: The Struggle for BC’s Fossils

Professional jealousies are not quite as old as the subjects in Vivien Lougheed’s new book, but they are certainly present in the modern age when it comes to who gets the credit for fossils.

Creekstone Press just released Sidetracked: The Struggle for B.C.‘s Fossils by the veteran Prince George writer (formerly with The Citizen).

It talks most about two almost simultaneous discoveries of dinosaur trackways in the local region – one at Tumbler Ridge, the other in Kakwa Park. Both were discovered by amateurs but are now under the control of professional paleontologists.

The Kakwa discovery in particular became a political football between the two men, Garnet Fraser and Bryan Munroe, who found the footprints in stone and the professional paleontologists who took over studying and preserving them, chiefly Richard McCrea of the Tumbler Ridge Museum.

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