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Review of The Enpipe Line: 70,000 km of poetry written in resistance to the Northern Gateway pipeline proposal

What is so poignant about The Enpipe Line is not its length (over 70,000 km) or its capacity (barrels of words per day, the poem as tanker) but, quite simply, its presence. On-line for over a year, and now in a print edition, the project resonates as a manifestation of mindfulness, a manifesto on devotion to our world and inscribing that attention into the earth and water works of our imagination and our desire for a sustaining world. These poems, drawings, stories, statements – words and gestures, are more than anathemas to Enbridge’s Northern Gateway proposal; they are actual and necessary functions of being here, measures of our own animal presence, and witness to a threatening greed and ignorance. Kilometre after kilometre, The Enpipe Line occupies its space by writing in it.