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Review of A Small and Charming World

Gibson is an astonishingly graceful writer. He’s got an eye like a camera lens.”

-Terry Glavin, The Georgia Straight, November 2001

“The book is a vivid document of the recent past and, as the editors of the new edition point out, it’s an eloquent argument for Gibson’s guiding philosophy: to learn – not teach. His willingness to accept people on their own terms … sets this story apart, making it a timeless document of what he encountered.”

-Jennifer Lang, The Terrace Standard, October 2001

“Gibson demonstrates his respect for people, their cultures and values in each word, paragraph and chapter of this book.”

-Daniel Smith, Treaty Negotiator, Kwakiutl Laich-Kwil-Tach Nations Treaty Society, March 2001

From the archives

“I have read a lot about Indians, but Gibson’s moving narrative has made me aware of my ignorance.”

-E.D. Ward-Harris, The Daily Colonist, Victoria, December 31, 1972

“[Gibson’s book] is a sensitive experience, a sensory experience, a sensible experience.”

-Mike Grenby, The Vancouver Sun, February 2, 1973

“Gibson’s acute perception of the people he meets is mirrored in the pages of this book.”

-John Manning, The Sidney Review, November 1, 1972