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Review of Front Lines: Portraits of Caregivers in Northern British Columbia

I wanted to tell you how much my family is enjoying Front Lines: Portraits of Caregivers in Northern British Columbia. My mother is 76 years old with a heart that is wearing out, yet she is still so engaged in life and learning, I went looking for books she might like to look at while resting.

Trained as a psych nurse in the 50s in Weyburn Sask, Mom said Front Lines could be prerequisite reading for anyone going into nursing today. She always wanted to go up north and work in First Nations communities there. Instead, her granddaughter, my niece, just began her first nursing job as an RN in Masset on Haida Gwaii. She loves it there and I live vicariously through her as we lived there for a time while our children were young.

The circle of life has an interesting way of coming full circle and I loved how your book gave me time to reflect. I appreciated the stories and how the people were captured so lovingly in the places they love. Front Lines is beautiful to look at and a joy to read and learn from – thank you for creating the book!