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M. Jane Smith

Born and raised in the Gitxsan community of Gitanmaaxs in northwestern BC, M. Jane Smith is a member of the Wolf Clan from the House of Wii K’aax. Listening to stories was the beginning of her education and gave her a sense of belonging. When she took on the role herself, she says, she felt her connection with storytellers from the past, present and future. “I am a storyteller and I come from storytellers,” she says.

Naming the collection Returning the Feathers is a reference to the Gitxsan expression, Guuxs mak’am mik’aax . It is used by Smith to thank all the Gitxsan storytellers from the past. “It’s not just me talking,” she explains. “When my grandmother started to tell a story, she would credit her sources and you’d know you were hearing stories from the beginning of time. You would feel honoured to be part of that.”

Smith has been telling stories for many years. She shares their layered drama, humour and lessons in her role as an elementary school teacher, as a Sim’algax language instructor, and at the many social and cultural gatherings where she is invited to speak. Already holding a teaching degree from the University of Victoria and a Masters degree from the University of Northern British Columbia, Smith has completed her doctoral work for the University of British Columbia. She continues to live and work in the Gitxsan territories.

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