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creekstones: words & images

Description: Trade paperback, 7" x 10", b&w photographs

ISBN: ISBN 0-9684043-3-2

Price: $19.95

This book is now out of print. Copies can be found through second hand books sources.

In “Imagining the Place of Books,” one of the pieces in this unique anthology, Smithers writer Alan Pickard says, “Most librarians know you form children and adults by what you hide from them. If you don’t let them read they’ll turn sour and never see words as miracles. Only as explanations.”

For the sake of miracles, then, Creekstone Press has published creekstones: words & images, a collection of work by 27 writers and seven photographers from the Skeena River Basin in northwest British Columbia. From North Beach on Haida Gwaii, to a plastic bag barrio in Chiapas, from the frantic heart of Vancouver to a peony garden at Meach Lake, the writing in this collection reflects the work of established and emerging artists as they blend language and landscape.

Among the short story contributors are Prince Rupert writers Jean Rysstad, Nancy Robertson and Iain Lawrence, all with several published works to their credit. Sheila Peters, author of Canyon Creek: a script (Creekstone 1998) has a new story of love and madness on the Queen Charlotte Islands. And former Terrace librarian Gillian Campbell gives new meaning to the term “distance education.”

The anthology contains work from 20 poets including Ken Belford, Smithers storyteller Jeanie Elsner, Leslie Barnwell from the Kispiox Valley, former Northwest Community College instructors Marc Arellano and Leanne Boschman-Epp.

In “Being Frank’s Sister,” long time Hazelton resident and University of Victoria law professor Val Napoleon tells of her experience combining restorative justice and a brother’s battle with addiction. And Heather Ramsay of Haida Gwaii explains how doing nothing can make a world of difference in Mexico.

Images by such artists as the late Myron Kozak, designer Megan Hobson and photographer Lorne Clark bring a visual component to the collection, telling stories of their own and complementing the written work.

Let creekstones: words & images work a miracle for you.